Chispa Road Lobo, Texas (7)

Hi !!! I Got Busy!!!!!

October 21, 2017

Happy Fall !! Snowbirds are Coming to Arizona!!
Let's Greet Them with a Smile !

Saguaro Blossoms - These cactus can live for several hundred years. when reaching around 75 years they will grow thier famous arms!
Best blooms are  good...

I had a spurt of ambition and I added new photos to my website..Come on over and check it out!!

Below is a little sample!!

A Family of Wild Horses - Mom,Baby and Dad!! The little one is very hungry as Mom and Dad graze!!
Rainbow over Airstream - 1972 Airstream with a rainbow.
Lhaso Apso/Terrier
Sleepy Kitten
Rainbow and Yuccas. - Near Sierra Blanca,Texas.
Pup Portrait

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