Ghost in the Window..Do you see it too? - Look in the right pane-I see a body,right arm ,shoulder,neck and head..with a hat ?

Van Horn,Texas -Update

October 13, 2014

Still visiting Van Horn,TX. at the Oasis RV Park...My Chinook will get a carb rebuild and she should be ready to roll soon.Yeah!

Just put up some more photos of the area...see the window -Well,it may be my imagination running away-I see a ghost in the right hand pane!!!

Enlarge it- there is the body,the right arm,shoulders,head and I think a face...I am guessing a hat on it's head or you see it too?

I hope so!   (or maybe, NOT!)

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Just my way to say "Welcome!"

"Memories feed the Soul-

      Photos back 'em up!"



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